Our Goals: Stopping Abortions and Stopping Abortion

Abortion takes the lives of over a million babies a year in the United States. Every abortion is the destruction of a genetically-complete, unique human life, formed in God's image. The people of God have the responsibility to intervene to save every life possible and prevent every abortion possible.

The blood of over 53 million unborn babies cries out to God for justice. Besides saving every life possible, we must work to end the injustice of abortion once and for all.

No single organization will end abortion by itself. No single strategy to fighting abortion will be effective alone. We applaud those who work through many different means to intervene to save individual lives, as well as to turn the tide against the entire abortion industry.

Currently, Let Me Live fights abortions primarily through our educational efforts, which revolve around our billboard campaign targeting abortion centers, and through our prayer campaign.

One of the most effective life-saving ministries is the crisis pregnancy center. Please consider volunteering at your local pregnancy center.

Let Me Live exists to save babies by showing the value and beauty of human life to mothers who are considering abortion.
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